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Test Code 00014 Pap Smear, ThinPrep ®


Includes ThinPrep® , Papanicolaou staining, and microscopic cytologic examination


Note: Hormonal evaluation (maturation index) will be performed upon special request on lateral vaginal wall specimens and will be charged separately.


Useful for:

The detection of cervical cancer, its precursors, and other abnormalities of the female reproductive tract.

Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube: ThinPrep® vial , Cervical Brush #70124, Cervical Cell (Broom) #70101

Specimen Volume: Entire specimen


Collection Instructions:

1. ThinPrep®  Method”, collection instructions listed in the “Cytopathology Specimen Collection and Handling” document (Listed in Special Instructions)

2. Label ThinPrep® vial (not lid) with patient’s legal name, date of birth, collection date, clinician, and specimen source.



1. A training kit for collection procedure is also available upon request from the Cytology Department.

2. Specimen source, patient’s name, age, and sex are required.


    The following specimens will not be tested:


             A. Collection vial received unlabeled

             B. Name on collection vial does not match name on requisition

             C. Specimen received in improper collection vial (ie, other than ThinPrep®)

             D. No cytology requisition submitted with specimen


Forms: “Cytology Requisition” (Listed in Special Instructions)


Specimen Retention Time

1 month (30 days) from received date

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday

Maximum Laboratory Time

1 to 3 Business Days

Specimen Stability


Reference Values

Interpretation/result will be given utilizing the Bethesda system terminology and is generally categorized as negative for intraepithelial lesion or interpretation/result specific. Maturation index results are reported as a percentage of parabasal, intermediate, and superficial cells counted (eg, 0/100/0).

Performing Laboratory

Logan Health Medical Center Laboratory

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Special Instructions

Include specimen source, specimen type (diagnostic, high-risk, or routine screening), date of last menstrual period (LMP), and all pertinent clinical data (clinical symptoms, history of malignancy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and tentative diagnosis) and forward with specimen.